I know you are but what am I shirt

I know you are but what am I shirt



Will they immediately return to jail once the crisis has subsided? And do so freely and not require law enforcement to waste resources to re-capture them. I’ve had enough of the ACLU. Silence is treason. As the protests begin,as they turn into riots, as people begin to die (not from the disease but from the ‘cure’) and as a civil war begins because of the blatant shredding of the Constitution & total loss of civil liberties, the ACLU was totally silent. One would have at least a statement that would be forthcoming about the constitutionality of the Governor’s edicts totally suspending the Constitution. Some of the coming bloodshed will be the ACLU’s fault for her silence. You might at least have offered some false hope in the courts to prevent (delay) the I know you are but what am I shirt (like the NRA does with gun owners) but you didn’t even bother with that. FYI..Muslims are being prevented from attending mosque. You’re comparing Jews and aliens. You must be smoking some heavy crack. But, I agree with you, they should release sick illegal immigrants to your vicinity and watch the deadly diseases to spread to you and your family. These people aren’t a threat to anybody. I’ve met a lot of them and all they want is a safe decent place to live with an opportunity to work and support their families. Come to think of it, why would they even come here. Stop wearing your mask in your own car and stop wearing the same pair of gloves everywhere you go and then putting them all over your steering wheel, shifter, phone, etc. … Sorry, I know that was off topic but needed to be said … maybe that’s how the virus made it in there in the first place.


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