I just took a dna test turns out I’m 100 that Grinch shirt



The kids hit him and yes that was inappropriate but their punches did not directly kill him. The victim died as a result of hitting his head on the way down. Tragic all around but needs som perspective put on it. Gray okay Kyle, he fell down because he was hit. Have they not beaten this child of the point of unconsciousness he would still be alive. So if I bashed you across the head to the point where you lose consciousness and fall down hitting your head I would be directly responsible for your death. It would be considered felony murder. No accountability. CA SB 1391 means they can only be processed in juvie, which detention wouldn’t go beyond age 25. So that’s a walk in the I just took a dna test turns out I’m 100 that Grinch shirt. Juvie records are sealed. They are starting to go back on other juvie cases trying to get getting them out of jail under that new bill. It doesn’t matter how bad the crime is. Two kids who deliberately beat another child to death are only facing manslaughter whereas a young woman police officer who made a tragic mistake that was not premeditated is convicted of murder. Our justice system should be seriously questioned. Sherri Rowley that girl deserves much harsher sentencing she got off way easy. These were kids and I agree they shoulda got charged with murder also. But to downplay what the ignorant coo did is ridiculous. The girl walked in someone else’s home and gunned him down. Rhea Snowden, I’ve been in lots of fights when I was a kid. Even as a teenager. We always knew the limits. We knew when we hurt someone, and how bad we hurt them. We knew how far that was from murdering them leaving them brain-dead. If you don’t know this, then that would explain your imbecilic statement.


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