I have 2 titles dad and papa and I rock them both shirt

I have 2 titles dad and papa and I rock them both shirt



I said nothing of the sort. You do seem to have a poor way of reading and interpreting. To be honest, your statement seems extremist in and of itself. Somewhat indicative of the problem I was trying to get across. Also, your opinion about why even comment is disturbing. As though one should not discuss something or someone they don’t agree with others. That is another extremist view. Free and open discussion. Go hard, die now live later”? This just seems to be a breakdown of the thought process. Maybe you would like to explain further or clarify what you were hoping to pass along? All I was trying to say is extending to any extreme is not really a benefit for the most people and possibly not for those that need it. Why would you desire to let everyone who has a marijuana conviction go regardless of the circumstances or severity of their crimes? That is not logical, nor is it in the interest of public safety. It is logical and in the public interest to cease the war on marijuana and to automatically retroactively release some of the convicted based on parameters such as the severity of the charges and the particular circumstances. Then it would make sense to review the remaining cases and make determinations if some of those may be cleared or reduced. A further note, your continued use of name-calling does not shine well on you or your position. Flies to honey vs vinegar and all that.
I hope you have a good evening or the rest of your day, depending on your location. Jevin Gentry and don’t forget if we eliminate the I have 2 titles dad and papa and I rock them both shirt we are left with only the Republican party, which will never happen, or maybe the Libertarian or Green party as a substitute? We need balance and to quit seeing the other party as the enemy. We have enough without making them of our fellow countrymen.


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