I hate everyone shirt

I hate everyone shirt



Nicky Beach What an ignorant comment. When you are low information, maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself? Seeking asylum is not “illegal.” Families can be kept together. Trump is a monster, and his low information supporters should read a book. Kuldeep Jagdev Because we have our own problems. Not going to worry about the problems of illegal immigrants at our border. They should catch a clue and stop subjecting their children to such risky endeavors. Juli Scott, You look ignorant telling that lie that has been debunked. It was Iran’s money kept frozen in the USA until they met the sanctions imposed on them by an agreement of various countries. Google it. Maggdu Beshai The only children separated by the Obama administration were unaccompanied by their parents. Trump and Sessions made a new policy to separate children from their parents and they lost many of them through the I hate everyone shirt. Many are still lost thanks to their disgraceful policy which was reversed by judges later. Blame the parents for putting their children under such circumstances. Parents are irresponsible for such egregious behavior. Plan your future and provide safe havens before putting children on the way. They deserve better. Hephzibah Suobo how calloused is your heart? They are fleeing certain death from their homes. They are trying to save their children from starvation, abuse, murder, rape, or forced slavery to the Government’s Army. What would you do to save your family? It is Trump that is not following International laws, US laws, and the guidelines of the Bible. I only say the last part because he professes Christianity…but we Christians know he hasn’t read the book or studied any of its teachings.


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