I followed my heart and it led me to the airport shirt

I followed my heart and it led me to the airport shirt



Paul all Schiff did was paraphrase the call where Trump trying to blackmail the leader of a foreign government into prosecuting the son of one of his political opponents. You were no doubt happy that Barr (the Attn Gn) paraphrased the Mueller report for you but not so happy Schiff paraphrased Trump’s attempted blackmail. Mark Kogos it’s hard to tell if you’re trying to make a joke here or not because nobody can be that stupid to believe that crap and if you’re trying to be funny holy crap don’t quit your day job (if you have one don’t want to assume didn’t want to offend if you are one of the lazy ones) and if you are that stupid to believe that I feel so so sorry for your caretakers. Marcia Sheward Gabrish, God sees what’s in the heart. He’ll take the one, as imperfect he/she may be but will stand up for individual liberty and not back down. He’ll take the one that will stand up against the establishment because they’ve been squandering the Country’s prosperity and freedom in the name of money.
Wow… you didn’t just judge the rest of us Christians who support Trump? How is he the opposite of Christ? Please clarify! Naomi Waetford they don’t see what we see because they are spiritually blinded. And no that does not mean Trump is a perfect man because he is not. Only one perfect man and his name are Jesus. But President Trump stands on the I followed my heart and it led me to the airport shirt and he believes in God’s Word. He stands for the unborn. He stands alone in that. Every Democrat running for president in 2020 believe in abortion up to birth. He is the only president to truly care about our veterans. He wants to protect us and our children and our children’s children from drugs and sex traffickers who want to cross our borders. I could go on and on but you already know that but she does not. I feel sorry for people that have so much hate in their heart they can not see good


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