I eat oil paintings when security guards aren’t looking shirt

I eat oil paintings when security guards aren’t looking shirt



She was part of the federal government, you don’t have full freedoms when it comes to speech in those careers. You show respect for those above you in the chain of command, even acting like this to a peon in the I eat oil paintings when security guards aren’t looking shirt gets you fired. She did it to the head of everything. And people like you keep forgetting that the freedom of speech is freedom from PROSECUTION, it doesn’t grant you blanket protection from things like being fired or censured. Judy Gilmore Kerschner, ya know nothing about her other than she flipped off the president and you are glad she is In office. You’re a thorough one. I’ll give you that. Terry Smith right? I mean who would think the USA would go from the first lady like Jackie Kennedy to a first lady who posed spread eagles naked with another woman in men’s magazines. Like how classless is that, Thank you for this comment because yes I too agree that it’s an embarrassment that this first lady has absolutely no class. Gregory Tate to be a billionaire does not mean you’re successful my friend. The measure of success is by how positively you impact the people around you. Clearly Trump has cast dark clouds around the President’s Office. His time as president is characterized by all sorts of negativity, evident from his impeachment inquiry and Muller’s Report. Frankie Lee Baker-Drummond actually no one stopped her from doing what she did. But just because you can do something doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences. She got fired cause why would the company want someone like her representing them. On or off the clock you can be a dirtbag and expect to keep your job. Gregory Tate, Are you saying that because you watched him on the REALITY Show The Apprentice? The real-life Trump, the one currently fleecing the United States of America has literally bankrupted a casino, filed bankruptcy 6 separate times and everything that has ever had his name on it went belly up.. Trump Foundation, Trump University, Trump Steaks, Trump Air, Trump Water, Trump Vodka, etc and soon we’ll be adding Trump Presidency to the list. He has money because he inherited from his father and its been proven that if he had left his father’s money untouched in the right investment account somewhere that he would actually have MORE money now than he actually claims to have “earned” himself! There hasn’t been a single year of his business career when he wasn’t being sued or fined by someone for something. The man is a crook and a dim one at that. His only talent is the ability to convince people like you that he is something he ain’t.


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