I don’t remember why I’m running do you shirt

I don’t remember why I’m running do you shirt



So the phrase ‘loss of freedoms’ when one is sentenced doesn’t apply here? Yet, essential workers don’t have the same luxury many times during the course of a day but you want convicted criminals given special rights when they have lost those rights due to being convicted. And I am not against them being released… I am just against them being released early. Sure thing, like the sex offender NYC, released last week, he raped a woman Saturday night as the ACLU patted themselves on their backs. Great job allowing convicted felons out to continue committing crimes. I hope the victim sues and bankrupts every person and pro-criminal organization complicit in his release. What a disgraceful thing to do to this woman. I agree, cite the source where the ACLU released the man. Seriously, the ACLU released this man to do the terrible thing. Here’s a man who sat for two decades in prison for a rape he did not commit. Can you muster up the same level of pissed off for him? What about a man who served 30 years for a crime that not only did he not commit, but there was no evidence he did commit the crime? I’m sure this one will seriously piss you off! I hope you’re suing the state of Oklahoma. I heard they are not only requiring absentee ballots to be notarized – which would be bad enough during a pandemic – but there’s a limit on how many ballots a single notary can notarize. Ridiculous! It’s great I don’t remember why I’m running do you shirt if you want to suppress the vote. They’re requiring notarization while at the same time making it hard for everyone to get their ballot notarized. That’s not how it works. Do you still owe money on your house? No vote for you. Student debt? No vote for you. Car loan? No vote for you. Medical bills? No vote for you. Voting is a right, not a privilege. As an impartial spectator in Canada, I can see it IS true that Republicans can’t win unless they cheat and Democrats can’t win if they don’t vote. The Republicans are the Master of propaganda and, fact; a large portion of their masses follow blindly believing the lies they are fed.


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