I don’t need luck I’ve got Jesus shirt

I don’t need luck I’ve got Jesus shirt



Valerie Wolfkamp why you think somebody wants to have sex with you Misandrist Fascists? as explained above you illiterate sick freak. (illiteracy another I don’t need luck I’ve got Jesus shirt no one would want sex with you). Secondly, you all have claimed multiple times it’s for “bodily autonomy rights”. Which as I proved above your kind knows nothing about. You just use the Women Privileges movements, to constantly deny males their rights, right at the start of their birth… So why do you think you deserve anything besides the right to remain silent and serve time for your felony participation in aiding and abetting (at a minimum) sick sadistic pedophilia, targeted towards a minority group of the population! And you aren’t confused about it, you’re just lying narcissistic psychopathic, pathological lying, trash. Gabriel Salazar, I really wonder about guys who troll the internet looking for articles about women doing work for women just so they can enter the comments section and try to make it all about them. I don’t wonder that guys will do that, because hey, they’re guys. What I wonder is exactly who they think they’re impressing? Gabriel Salazar When men have to fight for their right to make healthcare decisions the way that women do, your comment will make sense. Until then, it’s just another guy with the faux outrage against women who scare him by not being intimidated into submission. The only mammal on earth that goes inside itself to chop up its miracle are humans. You sick people stand against all forms of natural progression and development. You all make me so sick!


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