I don’t have kids my cat is allergic shirt

I don’t have kids my cat is allergic shirt



Hunter Weaver correct. My bodily autonomy trumps anyone that is trying to make use of my body. Full stop. The end. My father just passed, and they couldn’t take his organs because he was not a donor. To deny a woman the right to abortion gives a dead body more rights than me. Nope. Steve Pest considers this: Years ago I completely voluntarily signed up to be a bone marrow donor. This entailed allowing blood samples to be drawn and the signature of multiple forms, confirming that I understood what I was signing up for and my affirmative declaration that I would do it if/when I was found to be a match. I also had to agree that I would always update my contact info, which I did. I never did get the call, but if I had, despite all those affirmative actions and signatures, I could still have opted out for any I don’t have kids my cat is allergic shirt or no reason at all because the state has no right to require me to allow my body to be used to support another’s. Similarly, a relative, even a parent, of a child who will die without a kidney transplant, or even a blood transfusion, from that parent or relative, cannot be compelled to donate anything. None of those scenarios are as invasive or life-affecting as pregnancy and childbirth. Why should pregnant women be the only humans compelled to give up their bodily autonomy? Hunter Weaver and I are not who you asked. But yes, a pregnancy devoid of complications results in the birth of a human child. I’m pretty damn sure everyone knows that. Kathryn Johanknecht I find it interesting that you accuse me of avoiding your questions, while you refuse to answer mine, so I’ll ask you again: Do you agree that the specific entity that abortion kills is the same entity that, in the absence of complications, would be considered a valuable human being upon birth? This is a simple yes or no question, and I’d greatly appreciate a straight answer. I think that, given your emphasis on the consensus of the medical community, you should be able to answer “Yes”, as this is scientifically and medically noncontroversial


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