I can’t walk on water but I can stagger on beer shirt

I can’t walk on water but I can stagger on beer shirt



I forgot to send a card, but please accept my warmest wishes for the holiday season and many successful victories in the new year via my monthly auto donation. Well, it didn’t have to be that way. You used to defend civil liberties, which was good for everyone. Now you just defend progressives at the expense of civil liberties. Your opinion on Title IX changes would never have happened with the old ACLU. We miss you. So you’re okay with a pilot that has to step away to pump for an extended period of time instead of being on the flight deck? Sees like placing emotions of a select few over the safety of many. Adults have to make decisions as they go along in life. These pilots have to make a decision, to be a pilot or a parent. It’s not sexism, it’s called being an adult. Grow up, I hope you lose. Jordan do you know anything about how piloting a plane works? She was only asking this on long flights when there are often multiple crews. Not to mention co-pilots. People have to use the restroom sometimes too. I would be interested to know what accommodations other airlines make. Frontier was correct in that they cannot designate a lavatory as a feeding/pumping station. Nobody can; its unsanitary and I believe illegal. It seems to me that a small “quiet room”, perhaps the size of 1 row of seats, would solve this as well as some other I can’t walk on water but I can stagger on beer shirt. It would give not just crew but passengers an appropriate place to pump. Make it soundproof and you’ve got yourself a screaming kid compartment. Angela Kleine that’s not the point. The point is that its unhygienic and an employer can not designate it as a pumping place, they have to provide an appropriately sanitary, private place. That’s the law. If you choose to pump there, that’s your choice. Employers just can’t give that as your only option.


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