I can show you some trash shirt

I can show you some trash shirt



Watch what’s behind the curtain. There are basic rules of equity and safety being rolled back by this administration that will hurt you or your friends or family but help private corporations or fulfill a promise made to supporters/donors. Vigilance is needed. Do you think they would actually do that? Refuse to treat them how? Doctors refuse to treat people all the time, for whatever reason they want. That is their right. But I have never heard of a hospital that refused to treat patients. I have heard of hospitals that refused to do certain treatments, but that is because they aren’t equipped to do those treatments. Can you explain in more detail exactly how they would refuse to treat anyone? Are there any examples of hospitals doing that? The laws cover every single person. Not every single law fully applies to every single person, but everybody is protected equally. Or at least that’s the goal. The health department is close to finalizing its long-developing rewrite of Obamacare’s Section 1557 provision”.
Right from the article. It’s not scrapped nor is it eliminating protections. It’s a rewrite that neither the ACLU nor any other news organization has seen yet. That’s all. I haven’t been conditioned to believe anything. His record on LGBT+ rights is abysmal. I’ve heard the hateful rhetoric from both him and his followers and he’s got some genuinely scary people in his inner circle which is hardly reassuring considering how easily led by the nose trump is. This notion modern conservatives have that any and all criticism of their philosophies or actions is just the I can show you some trash shirt of some evil left-wing misinformation campaign so, therefore, you guys never have any cause to self reflect is dangerous and a very slippery slope you’ve put yourselves on. We should just wait and see what it says. Clearly ACLU is jumping the gun and assuming the worst. President Trump does not hate Gays, he just wants equal rights for every citizen of the US. No special rights for those who claim to be vulnerable or special.


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