I can not be trusted in hobby lobby shirt

I can not be trusted in hobby lobby shirt



You’re lying, they have mentioned it before. MANY times. They have also mentioned many other crappy reasons ICE has tried to bypass the court order and injunction that forced Trump and ICE to stop separating families when it was declared a human rights abuse inflicted on babies and children. If you don’t think the ACLU is credible, then stop trolling them or at least have the integrity to prove that this isn’t true. You’re knocking her for stating she couldn’t find any facts to back up this post with no links attached to it? With all the fake news going around she did her homework. Stated she found nothing and you’re knocking her? Really? Come on. Mercy Weber No, I’m knocking her for lying. Did you even bother to read my post? The ACLU isn’t a news organization, they only report on their actual cases. Maybe you should volunteer for them instead of putting ignorant words in my mouth. A person who was employed by Children and Youth Services attempted to take my children from our home about 13 years ago. The reason? We were lesbians and were a danger to our children. This still happens in parts of the I can not be trusted in hobby lobby shirt. How the hell did they know? ICE offers almost no health care which is why 24 have died in ICE custody in the past 3 years, about half of those being children. How does having HIV effect that man’s ability to father? But it does affect his ability to stay healthy by having his kids taken away. And god knows it affects his kids. This is purposeful cruelty and I would love to read the directives on how ICE agents are supposed to handle families at this time. I imagine it says, in code, tear the families apart as soon and as viciously as you are able. Yes. First of all, can you prove to me that people come to half-dead? How.many? How often? How do you know? What’s your reference? Are you a nurse? Do you work for ice? Or are you just accepting of all Trump’s lies and happy to see people die because hey that’s their problem if they want to undertake a long and dangerous journey? Secondly, if people come into the United States half dying, it is our obligation – not as Americans but as human beings with resources – to make sure they do not die. So I could say you were full of shite, but that would be uncivil. Let me just say you’re wasting your breath here.


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