I can make masks what’s your superpower shirt

I can make masks what’s your superpower shirt



Carl Foster, I agree with you. This is a real problem because we have the rights of two different groups that are colliding here. Girls and women have spent a long time trying to get their own sports I can make masks what’s your superpower shirt and they should not have to compete against someone who is physiologically male. Carl Foster given that testosterone is the hormone responsible for male body structure, muscle mass, and strength, a trans girl taking male hormone suppressants would not have the same competitive advantage as a boy. Wrong. His genetic makeup means he has denser muscles and bones and has an advantage over females no matter how much estrogen he takes. It’s called biology. Nothing stops her from competing with the boys or men. But interesting that this petty little issue matters more to you than the dictatorship being created. Can not buy unapproved items, governor decree, at Walmart in Michigan such as seeds to grow your own food. If you have property besides your house, you can not go check on it. Jersey cops are pulling by force riders from buses who are not wearing masks. Despite no regulations much less law against it. Virginia has a gun ban passed and if it was the law they were working on, it’s also against the law to critics the governor or legislature. Discussion about needing to be tested and carrying papers is happening. Nazi Germany news ring a bell? Do you know real issues, important ones? Gwenyth Larsen, I’ve got seeds actually but thank you. But I do find not being able to buy seeds because the government says I don’t need them… Rather draconian. It’s exercising power, not for any other reason than to control people. It’s the government deciding what I need. I’m all for trans people having the right to be trans. Easy fix. A health certificate saying they are fully transitioned and compliant with hormonal treatment. Cis girls deserve a fair competition. This is no different than testing to make sure athletes aren’t “doping”. Transitioning does not decrease the size of the male heart and lungs, does not transform the male skeleton into a female skeleton, and on and on. Women and girls matter.


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