I black I geechie I proud up shirt

I black I geechie I proud up shirt



I’ve been voting by mail for years. I can take my time and place my ballot in the ballot box myself. This year I may mail it. Either way, I know no one can mess with my vote. Oregon both has drop boxes at locations like libraries and a system that notifies you both when your vote is received and when it is processed. I never worry that my ballot would be lost. If Trump wins it’ll be because people were denied access to the polls or believed “so and so can’t beat Trump” bullshit. The question is can WE beat Trump, and the I black I geechie I proud up shirt is “yes, vote for the Democrat.” Not a third party, not pitching a fit and staying home. Go out, vote, and kick them out at all levels. You have the vision of a Trumpite. There were a lot more people at the polls for the primaries. There is going to be a huge turnout in November. You most watch Fox news, because otherwise, you would know most of the country hates Trump and what he had done to America. Biden has a huge following. Republicans are changing to Democrats because they hate what Trump is doing. I don’t understand why any sane person would VOTE for Trump. He is delusional and he will be booted out January 2021 and be on his way to prison. If you don’t think so, you need to open your eyes and see what is going on. BLUE WAVE! Nancy Chapin based on what exactly? We have voted by mail here in Oregon and I can tell you that the post office handles the ballots with utmost care. My husband (the postmaster) goes above and beyond and hand delivers ballots mailed on election day. Why? Because Oregon requires that they be RECEIVED by close of business election day and he knows those votes wouldn’t count. Shame on you for insulting these people just because. Lady! The USPS is a dedicated public servant with losses that are minuscule compared to the wasted time and money this administration has been found guilty. Out of all the American institutions, the Postal service is one of the most important and time tested and least corrupt.


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