I am the liquor shirt



I am the liquor shirt

I am the liquor long sleeve I am the liquor hoodie I am the liquor ladies tee I am the liquor guys tee

Remember it was Obama and Hillary that sold our Uranium to the I am the liquor shirt and Russia probably sold it for a hefty price paid for with all the American’s money that Obama gave them. these liberal democrats don’t want to be reminded that it was their Queen Hillary Clinton that helped authorized the sale. There’s no defense and they know it.What did the dems do when Republican senator Matthew Thomas Shea endorsed training children with weapons to fight in a “holy war”. All Murderers see innocent victims as nothing more than fodder to absorb their hate. Don’t fall for these. also got his 3rd European wife ‘Einstein-class immigrant visa’ given to nuclear scientists & got her parents as her dependent. Meanwhile, Terminally ill children have been kicked out due to change of rules that allowed children and parents with life threatening illness to temporary stay in US for treatment. All I know is anyone who treats sick children like garbage is doing evil.


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