I am hip hop thank you for the memories shirt

I am hip hop thank you for the memories shirt



And the Democrats will face the consequences of their utter stupidity in all the coming elections. This too is already blowing up in their faces, and all their double talk and lies will not stop what they started. In their absolutely crazy behavior, the Democrats all swallowed poison in hopes that Trump would die. Kerry Whitman yea, please keep doing the bidding of your corrupt masters! You spread MSM talking points and have no truth to that basis. You have never personally researched any of that and I know for a fact you just cut and pasted that. Old Joe got caught plagiarizing speeches too, so it’s obvious you have the same low morals. Mike Talbot poor little you. Cognitive dissonance is a tough thing to deal with. When you decide to crawl out of your bubble, you will see that in the real world, trump is very unpopular. Why do you think veterans at the World Series game were holding up signs that said “Veterans for impeachment”. Keep lying to your self and staying detached from reality. We don’t get access to fresh perishables in small towns to the prime pantry, we can get nonperishables. I do use amazon which is why I said I’d like my prime to cover that fee. Reading comprehension is a thing. Niki King prime membership already covers free same/2 day shipping and prime TV. Consider the delivery service is just extra benefit if offered in your area if not, there’s really nothing you can do except to put in a request and wait. I don’t use their delivery but it’s still worth it for us. I use Costco grocery delivery, also free with our Costco membership. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that in the early 80s when I was In little league, I was coming up to bat, the umpire was cleaning the plate off, I stood in the box kicked dirt on the plate, he said didn’t you just see me clean that off, I said yes sir, but by the calls you’re making today I didn’t think you’d see that and the next 3 pitches 3ft off the plate I was walking back to the I am hip hop thank you for the memories shirt


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