I am garbage shirt

I am garbage shirt


We can’t have this discussion on Facebook because Facebook, like your fake scientists, has a political agenda and won’t let me publish the scientists who agree with me. The science is not unanimous, but the censorship and social engineering to destroy people’s life and freedom sure is real.  am a scientist whose work has been invoked—on both sides—in debates about equality for sexual and gender minorities, my reflections on these events has led me back to some basic questions about how scientific knowledge gets made in the first place. What I have come to conclude is that despite the fact that disputants on both sides wield claims about natural truths, the science we have now cannot settle the matter. Indeed, the science of sex and gender will not settle itself until we, as diverse societies, settle the substantive social questions. Try looking at the AMA’s opinion. They support the rights of transgender persons and have been vocal about transgender individuals’ rights to serve in the military. You do indeed have the “right” to ignorance and bigotry, though. Transgender people exist. We all know this. The issue is whether they are the gender they claim. There is no valid science that supports their claim. So insisting people treat them as their preferred gender infringes on other people’s rights. Religious people can’t insist that every time the Big Bang is mentioned that God is mentioned. Jehovah’s Witnesses can’t dictate that no one else talks about holidays. Atheists can’t demand religious people never mention God around them. This issue is no different. I agree, and scientists do too. Medical experts agree with you. The left thinks they can shout down this debate, and then take other people’s rights in the name of their rights. I refuse to change language, and I refuse to learn 75 plus new genders. Science is not conclusive, nor will it alleviate your pain. If you actually read that article and didn’t try to pass it off as yours: “I fully support the rights of transgender people to live free from the fear of violence, to use public facilities as they wish, to participate in competitive sports, and to enjoy fair and equal education and employment opportunities.” The author indicates that people on both sides of the issue use different aspects of sex to justify their positions, but if anything the fact that she agrees that sex is a multilayered and nonbinary I am garbage shirt leads to the position that we shouldn’t be outright banning people from playing sports. You read a sentence and assumed meaning. Frankly, I’m unsurprised.


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