Husband daddy protector hero shirt

Husband daddy protector hero shirt



The constitution has just been totally shredded and the ACLU is silent. I guess you’re cool with it. Not a surprise really, just one would think there would be at least a peep from an organization that hands out pocket Constitutions. They seem to know what’s up. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re terrified of being the victim of a hate crime. There sure is a lot of hate directed at trans women who refuse to stay closeted. What crime isn’t a hate crime? I had someone break into my car. And I really hated it. Maybe the hate is from the demand for validation. By all means, let people have equal rights under the Husband daddy protector hero shirt. But stop demanding acceptance and validation. Because a large number of people find this whole phenomenon off-putting. And the threats made against people’s reputations and livelihoods who don’t embrace the unreality of trans-identities is making them less tolerant. In other words, leave people alone and they’ll be less likely to behave intolerantly. I think the “there have always been transgendered people” meme is a bit overstated. In times of extreme decadence, it happens. In times of hardship, it more or less disappears. Such people exist. But so do bulimics and anorexics. But their dysphoria is treated as a disorder more than an identity. I am not bigoted against anorexics for not accepting their body dysmorphia. If they are thin, I will say they are thin. If you are a biological man, I will say you are a man. And people like you want to see people like me punished for stating reality. That is totally Orwellian. And it’s not me that should be punished, it’s you. For being anti-freedom. If these people are so certain they are what they say they are, they don’t need validation.


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