Hunter S Thompson shirt

Hunter S Thompson shirt



Anna Swart, I don’t disagree with them needing social interaction, what I disagree with is a blanket statement claiming screen time is bad. Parents need to use their best judgment and know the signs – if a kid can’t focus or sit still, isn’t sleeping well and is delayed and they also happen to watch a lot of videos or play games or watch tv then that could be the culprit. But my kids who are ahead of their peers in language and fine motor skills, have excellent communication skills and no discipline problems – they can watch their kindles and play games and it’s fine. I am often shocked, however, when I learn of young children, under 10, exposed to violent video games and shows and I do believe those, in fact, are damaging. Mindy Webb completely agrees. But that cannot be blamed simply on the use of technology but instead, it needs to be emphasized that technology and screens cannot be their only form of education. There is a place where we have become dumbed down to the basic Hunter S Thompson shirt thanks to all things smart and connected. We have to remember that kids still need those basic learning tools to develop properly. Things like holding a crayon or pencil before they enter school or knowing how to work a puzzle with their hands! So that’s where the focus should be. Instead of saying screen time is bad for development, it needs to then explain what you just said as the counter to the screen time. It should be more like we need to limit screen time and still encourage imaginative play and fine motor skill practice. I’ll also say this, and maybe other people aren’t doing this like I assume they are – my children watch videos and then replicate them. They all enjoy watching LEGO videos and then doing their own LEGO building. They watch dance and movement and shows with music and they move and dance. All 3 like to draw, freestyle, and write stories. They make up plays and they still go outside to play in the dirt! So the focus needs to be on balancing those things and not allowing the tv and screen time to replace good old fashioned play and activities.


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