Hungover not sick shirt

Hungover not sick shirt



Personally, I came into this crisis with a lot of antiseptic wipes and clean things as I go, even the gas pumps. I have made masks. I have no desire to violate anyone’s personal space and if anyone gets near me I will peacefully keep backing up. If I even stop to drop off masks or have any necessary interaction, I stay well away from my friends. I have food allergies so I shop at several stores to stay well. Unless people are breaking into buildings or having keggers I don’t think it is necessary to ask anybody following guidelines why they need to be out. The few open businesses have limited how many people can come in and set up marked lanes to maintain distance. This is not a police state. Isn’t general surveillance from an aircraft the same as the police patrolling in a car? As I understand it the aircraft isn’t looking at any specific person. How do the 4th amendment and probable cause apply in those circumstances? Dissent in the Hungover not sick shirt of surveillance is an important part of restoring freedom. Sacrifices are needed to give the future of America the rights and privacies that are guaranteed under the constitution. What’s next is the question. They’re using this pandemic as an excuse to take away our right to privacy. FB is also monitoring what you say in comments so be careful. If they disagree you’ll hear from them. I did because I quoted an article that they say was not 100% correct. I get it there is no expectation of privacy on FB but who knew they have people sitting in judgment of your opinions? Hearing they have been monitoring the ACLU Attorneys. All the Attorneys have been found hiding in their parent’s basement Meanwhile the First responders have been on the front line dealing with this Chinese Virus. But of course, the ACLU Attorneys hate the First Responders.


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