Hugs just kidding don’t touch me shirt

Hugs just kidding don’t touch me shirt


Paulette Koss if you threaten my property, that is just the same as threatening my livelihood, it in fact is the same thing. that is my life, my world that has to continue. everything I work for. you have no right to it, to interfere with it or interrupt it in any way. Edited: I am going to fight to protect it, meaning you WILL be physically threatening me to interfere with that in any way. That is self-defense. THERE is the radical crazy gun owner come out to play. You would shoot first and ask questions later cause you are crazy and paranoid. I am no one’s victim but I am also not a crazy vigilante. But by your logic, I can Shoot the guy who runs a red light because he is endangering me and my property. Also, the guy not wearing a mask, because he is also endangering me. Extremists are so dangerous. People have a “Human Right” to protect and defend their lives and property. A man-made law, written on paper is not required for this right. Not everyone is cowards or plan on being a victim, living their life with a victim mentality. You, Democrats, are weak, cowardice, naïve, gullible and simple-minded. They went through a gate that was open they didn’t break down anything And number two they weren’t even going to their house they were going to another person’s house and they were walking in the street they didn’t walk on the sidewalk they had no business to point any guns at them That’s where they went wrong they could have stayed inside where they would be safe and didn’t have to point guns at them. Nobody threatened the homeowners. So many people on here really throw out such far fetched statements. These people were not Thugs, Looters, or criminals. Nobody broke down a gate or ruined personal property. Nobody physically or verbally threatened these homeowners. For them to pull out and point guns at a group of silent protesters was completely inappropriate and paints a picture of what is wrong with America. Not only were they pointing guns but they have both been charged with felony crimes and, given the Hugs just kidding don’t touch me shirt evidence which was carefully reviewed by prosecutors prior to charging, it’s very likely they will be convicted or plead guilty. But criminals have become welcome in the Republican Party. In the 2018 midterms, Republicans elected 2 congressmen under felony indictment (one of them for personally stealing from donors to his campaign, the very people voting for him) but they were still elected and later had to resign after being convicted. The current Republican Party pretends to be against crime but like most of their positions, it is a lie as they celebrate crime.


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