How the bills stole christmas shirt

How the bills stole christmas shirt



Suzanne Stewart “why do you think Caucasians are exempt from being violently attacked?” Literally no one said that. But they’ve certainly been the source of violent attacks since before the How the bills stole christmas shirt was founded, and continue to be even now. Notice how the majority of terrorist attacks in this country have been from white Christian men, targeting the people listed in the sign? Weird. Almost like that’s literally what the sign is about. Again, as you’ve been asked repeatedly, what makes you think a baker pretending his religion backs up his bigotry losing business over his bullshit is the same as people being tortured and murdered? Suzanne Stewart “Cee Ready ya have to read all the posts. there seem to be a lot of issues rolled into this one thread… although I am wondering why there is not more diversity on this ACLU page.” What diversity are you looking for? You have people of all sorts of different races, genders, socioeconomic statuses, and upbringings all in one place. Nah, buddy, I’ve actually researched it because so many of you “father’s rights” bros keep misrepresenting the numbers. If you take into account the custody agreements that don’t go before a judge, meaning they were decided by the parents and not a judge, then men get custody far less often, but when the courts are a part of the process, the numbers are nearly equal with a slight bias towards fathers. That doesn’t indicate a bias against men in the courts. I haven’t seen my son in a year, while the meth addict mother who nearly killed him and admitted to the judge she smoked meth while pregnant, and then hurts him because the was drunk, is out there with my son. An ad Litem who would not so much as say hello or shake my hand, while sat next to mom at every hearing. I could go on.


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