Houston Astros Shut the buck up shirt

Houston Astros Shut the buck up shirt



Arizona so now we are assuming things? Lol just kidding. But I know we don’t know each other but why are you acting like you do but learn about me before jumping the gun on things. Oh, my bad I said gun. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. Joshua Scott Do you think to make abortion illegal again will make it go away, or just hurt the poor? Women with $$ have always had the upper hand in getting safe medical care for centuries, and abortion has been around for centuries. Hunter Weaver, You aren’t arguing from any Factual standpoint Once Again. The Bodily Autonomy law does indeed cover pregnant girls/ women to the point of fetal viability. Then once a fetus is viable, abortion is illegal. The fact you can’t understand the basics of the Laws and why they came to be, shows that there can be no discussion. I didn’t say what I thought about your personal philosophy on life, so stop with that crap right now. It’s simply Irrelevant to the Houston Astros Shut the buck up shirt and women’s reproductive rights what your personal beliefs are. It’s a very simple concept. Lexie Leila ok I don’t need to be able to carry a baby to understand the value of human life it’s sad that I understand that from a man’s standpoint when women should understand better. Stacy Griser He learned those words in the Mennonite church basement where they talk about that and eagle Eggs. There’s a weird movement aimed at children to get them to parrot anti-choice talking points. They don’t understand Real Life situations, biology, pathology, law and the actual world at all. It’s disturbing. Laura Markowicz if it is illegal then no matter who gives you an abortion will be arrested and the person that pays with getting arrested if it illegal it’s illegal not just illegal to the poor. Joshua Scott yeah that is not how it works. People with money will just go to where they can get it. Abortion is more than just about terminating the pregnancy. It is about body autonomy and the right to privacy. Deny women that right, and they essentially become second class citizens. I don’t know about you, but I would rather move forward than backward… especially considered in the end, progressive ideals almost always win out over conservatism.


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