Housekeeper 2020 quarantined shirt

Housekeeper 2020 quarantined shirt



The law has always been a weapon used against the others and the Housekeeper 2020 quarantined shirt is always changing who is included to fit the tastes of haves against the have nots and has nothing at all to do with real justice truth and honor. What do other countries do while taking into consideration how we are similar and dissimilar? Promoting and providing education, exercise, and diet leads to people who are more self-actualized and leads to a positive “trickle up”/domino effect. Ignorant and unhealthy individuals and communities are more likely to make bad decisions (ie procreate with predators, sell drugs). Different percentages and different populations. 1 in 23 represents the percentage of total black men in jail. So 5% of black men are in jail. 12% represents of all adults in Ohio what percent are black men. While 44% represents of the total population in jail what percent are black men. Different denominators for each group: adult black men, all adults, then the entire prison population which should include all in prison (male, female, and possibly adults and children). Lizzie Quino like not to be able to afford a good attorney or an investigator to clear their name? Which results in them taking a plea bargain to avoid the probable longer jail term? Most crimes are pled out and don’t go to court. I never said all black people are poor. But there is white privileged in the criminal justice system and it is reflected in who is stopped, held and sentenced. Never heard of a black convicted rapist getting probation because he has such a promising future. DNA evidence exonerating people in prison would say otherwise. The Central Park 5 spent a long time in jail and were completely exonerated as well as over 160 people exonerated while on death row. Lyndon Johnson was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, racist we’ve ever been unfortunately blessed with as president. He is quoted as having said,” With the passage of this bill, I’ll have these niggers voting democrat for the next two hundred years.” The rat gets killed in the trap because he didn’t understand how the cheese was free. Breaking the black family and subsequently enslaving blacks in the welfare system, and carried forward, into the “justice” system was his goal all along.


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