Hope your father’s day is Joe exotic shirt

Hope your father’s day is Joe exotic shirt



I think that would all depend on the specific cases. For example, someone in jail for possession of an ounce of weed should be freed. No questions. Someone in jail for having bricks of weed or weed being a secondary portion of their crime shouldn’t be freed. Maybe reduce sentences but not automatically free them. I’ve got my medical card and grow my own. I still can’t leave my house with more than 2 ounces and I can’t sell it. The thing I’d be most interested in seeing is how many people are incarcerated for simple possession of marijuana with no other crimes. I’d wager that number is actually pretty damn low, to be honest. That’s right, I hope Jevin Gentry is doing well and everything goes well for him in the future. Booyakasha. We shouldn’t hate each other over political ideals. We can argue and disagree while existing together and I care what happens to you. So take that! What if they snitched and got their charges dropped to marijuana possession but committed a different crime? Are we looking into the plea deals that got them there in the first place? Seems one size fits all may let out some real bad guys along with the “innocent”. ok, you are saying the ACLU is full of leftists that want big-time drug cartels to be let off Scott free, ok. Put an end to it all and let it go. You are just trying to be a prick actually and act like they are the evil people. Let them all go, just walk away from the Hope your father’s day is Joe exotic shirt on marijuana, give up and get over it. Why do you even like the ACLU and even comment? Go hard, die now live later. whatever, nothing extreme about the first n true religion and primitive communism. You probably don’t care about companies making new chemicals on a daily basis and letting workers play in them all day. Or thug doctors that prescribe benzos to everyone and their brother. I don’t see a difference, I think the war on marijuana should be just like the war against chemical factories n such.


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