Hogwarts wasn’t hiring so I heal muggles instead shirt



Reece Cashion Ummm nope. Parents aren’t there when their children make horrible mistakes like this. Parents installed (hopefully) the knowledge of being a decent human. Now the influence others may have and unfortunately peer pressure to “fit in” can contribute towards unhealthy behavior outside of the home. Manny N Erica Rivera because the media deliberately lies whenever it is forced to talk about interracial violence. It can’t just be two black teens beat a white child to death for no reason other than he was white. There has to be some kind of excuse. It was a fighting kid being kids a terrible accident any number of other talking points they like to throw out. but if you would reverse the race and it was two white teens beating on a black child to the point where he dies those two white teens would be called racist their names and pictures would be on the screen 24 hours a day there would be federal hate crime charges, life in prison would be assured, and it would probably be a death penalty case. But as we have found from memos leaked from media companies black on white crime is deliberately censored because they don’t want to feed into racism. Just look at what happened with the interview with the BART representative. She explicitly came out and said they did not release the Hogwarts wasn’t hiring so I heal muggles instead shirt of these black people stealing and assaulting white people because they are more interested in PC culture than the safety of their riders.


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