Hocus Pocus Dutch Bros coffee shirt

Hocus Pocus Dutch Bros coffee shirt


It’s not a scientific or grammatical source. The US census is for keeping a count of the citizens. At one point in time, African Americans were referred to as negros on the census (and other official documentation) yet they aren’t anymore, because it’s offensive to the ethnicity and culture. So I ask again, before this thread turns into a child’s argument, citing a proper source. Brendan Rogler for starters being so dismissive of a term that acknowledges and is an attempt to fix the very prevalent machismo in our culture. A term that in no way inconveniences or affects you, yet you feel the need to mock others who embrace the Hocus Pocus Dutch Bros coffee shirt in an attempt to be respectful of this and trivializing its importance as not a “real issue”. If I go by that article then the recent usage of the term has more to do with gender politics than anything else. It’s a term created to try to legitimize the concept that a person can be “non-binary”. Just because someone feels more like a boy one day and a girl the next doesn’t mean we need a whole new category to describe that person. Also, variances in gender expression are not genders in and of themselves. That’s just certain people trying to find reasons to be oppressed. It’s quite an industry now, professional victimhood; helped greatly by people’s addiction to validation on social media. We have a mental health crisis – members of our church are becoming increasingly unhinged & standing out in front of high-speed traffic to protest the death of an aspiring NASA engineer named George Floyd who was harassed to death by police simply for being black. At least our priests at the monastery of the ACLU have the guts to highlight our religious persecution. You would rather continue to be served by visibly sick staff because they can’t afford to miss one day of work? Okay. I see two problems here that are civil rights issues, unlivable wages, and no paid sick time. Hmmm, add to that those workers don’t or can’t afford healthcare. But you keep living your privileged life and look down on the working poor. Willful ignorance is curable


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