Hmu when you tryna get my love bitch shirt

Hmu when you tryna get my love bitch shirt



Violating everyone’s 4th Amendment rights is not part of their Hmu when you tryna get my love bitch shirt. Assuming someone is an “illegal” based in their appearance and not an actual warrant or probable cause is racial profiling and a violation of their rights. It’s quite an impressive propagandistic feat that these same people were so skeptical of government power not twenty years ago, creating compounds like Ruby Ridge and Waco, and have now moved so far toward supporting unchecked government power. I suppose they don’t have a problem with unchecked government power, so long as they control the government. Hypocrites, narcissistic hypocrites every last one of them. Joseph D Hubbs, I’m actually a concealed weapons permit holder so I’m not in a position to “want to abolish the one amendment that protects all the others”. I just think for myself and don’t believe the scare tactics and want to see all of our constitutional rights protected. I’m also a compassionate human being wanting to help others no matter their nationality. I’d love to see less name-calling and more love. We can discuss differing views without insulting each other. But if you choose to call me names, I’ll just laugh because it says more about you than me and you can just prove my points better for me and it’s less typing for me. Spread some love. They care about not having THEIR rights infringed upon. Yours or anybody else’s don’t count as far as they’re concerned. An unfortunate side effect of the overemphasis of individuality in this country, IMHO. You’ll find the best advice is to follow the instructions of the agents or you’ll be delayed forever. If you feel your rights were violated complain later. Alfred Milligan searches take longer than not searching. In every situation, it’s better to refuse to consent to a search and keep asking them if you’re detained as they try to convince you to change your mind. If they believe they’re entitled to a search, they can conduct the search while you refuse to consent. Complaining after the fact doesn’t help you one bit if LEOs claim you’ve consented to a search.


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