Hey you dropped this shirt

Hey you dropped this shirt



Mary Mastenbrook, I already own a home, which those taxes are used to fund the public education system. Also, I make $500 contributions to the University of Texas every quarter. How about you homeschool your kids? People really need to read the 14th amendment of our constitution fully… There is indeed such a thing of due process. And I know many didn’t really read about asylum seekers and how that particular law was written and how lone they actually had before seeking such. Which they had to do while here in the USA. Just saying we all need to have such a refresher course on the way the laws are actually written. Just saying. If they are here legally they should not even have to go through this but if they are here illegally they have broken the law and there are consequences for breaking the law in America. Cindee, if these ‘illegals’ aren’t getting their due process, you don’t know if they are illegals. It’s a Hey you dropped this shirt that the government doesn’t have to prove. This is exactly how American citizens are getting swooped up and held for months. Not cool. I don’t even know how this is legal. We are judged by the way we treat those least fortunate in our society, in my opinion. There is a legal issue with not giving them due process, but there is a moral one as well. To just assume they are illegal w/o giving them their hearing is legally and morally wrong. Cindee Day lol what’s this horrific world you live in? Even people in custody have rights. How are you supposed to know if they are legal unless you are already detaining them? I personally carry nothing that says I am an American citizen. Do you? Why should people who are Hispanic have to carry that documentation or risk being detained if they don’t? That’s called racial profiling and it is illegal. Should we put all of the people doing the profiling in camps since they are breaking the law?


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