He protects he attacks he also takes naps shirt

He protects he attacks he also takes naps shir



Jon Walzer, I am on my meds. Never said said or implied what you said in your second sentence. Always like to talk with people with your views because it is easy to see when y9u cannot support your views and comments because you torn to insults and try to intimidate. People are most familiar with themselves to attach what they are to others which must be your characteristics that you said you noticed looking at me. Since I doubt we have ever met, I don’t have a picture on FB I really doubt you could be looking at me which discredits your statement. First and last of all your understanding of the He protects he attacks he also takes naps shirt is abysmal. You clearly pulled it out of your ass. The law allows a refugee running for his life from a corrupt government to enter the US and file for refugee status. He/she/they are not required by any law of the US to remain outside the US while their ass(es) are being shot off by the rotten dictators corruptly appointed by US government officials and the CIA. If the rich Republi-Klan Neo-Nazis would pay their fair share of taxes it would only cost you a few pennies to save an innocent life.  Didier Sansdoute Well at least my ass is clearer than you mind. You can always tell when talking/discussing with people that cannot support/defend their views/opinions because they turn to insults, would a language, name-calling & intimidation to support their views/opinions. I have found over the years people know their own characteristics best of all and attribute those same characteristics to others. Your last sentence seems to describe you so well since you could not really say anything about me since we have never met & have had these limited postings. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to search things out and have attached a reasonable updated discussion of refugee status. The laws as they stand are racist and prejudicial, and not consistent with the best values of our nation. 2. the immoral and racist ways in which Trump has interpreted the laws. If you cannot see this there is no sense continuing this conversation.


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