Having a weird mom builds character shirt

Having a weird mom builds character shirt



The time to end this pure Democrat BS is RIGHT NOW. The American public has had enough of the Pelosi, Nadler, and Shifty routine. Surely there has to be good American believing Democrats who can stand up to Pelosi and end this for the Having a weird mom builds character shirt of all Americans. Start acting like Congress should and pass the border pacts awaiting passage, get on with helping Trump make our country even better. This bitterness and inaction with blind allegiance to Pelosi have to end NOW. Anthony Giuliano the democrats are not patriots. They are just trying to get rid of the best president we have had in decades. The Mueller report was an investigation on allegations paid for by the democrats and Clinton. Do you believe it is ok to make up a crime and investigate it as if it were real? Probably not. Anyone would hate to be under the constant bombardment. Do you think the democrats have done anything positive in congress? Have they helped America in any way? No. Do you really feel Pelosi Schumer Schiff Aoc Bernie Warren Beto all have an honest good bone in their body? If so, you are nuts. Anthony Giuliano, I don’t even think it’s about the lying. Hell, they’re politicians, that’s what they do. This is about not giving the man due process. This is what goes on in Russia and China. No explanation wanted, needed or listened to, just cut their heads off and bring in someone else. The democrats have officially become a communist party. This is the closest we’ve been to another civil war, yes actually killing each other, since the last one. It’s not even about the call anymore, that is just the excuse for this, yet again, horrendous waste of time and money, instead of working for the interests of the American people like they were elected to do. Jesse Hutson answers one question, would you be ok if a Democratic president was doing the exact same thing nazi trump is in an attempt to have a foreign power influence our elections again?


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