Harry potter signatures shirt

Harry potter signatures shirt



Roy Smith how many laws do he have to get caught breaking before you get he’s a con man and a criminal? In other news, he was ordered to pay 2 million dollars for laundering money through his charity today. Ann Williams, I made no assumptions on you supporting trump or not. Your question was honestly asked and I answered it. Many who oppose trump fear impeachment will get him re-elected again. I feared that as well. But I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump is too dangerous to not be impeached. His withdrawal from Syria that let Turkey slaughter the Kurds, his threatening Ukrainian defense against Russian aggression, all the other things he does that helps Russia and China expand their power and influence at the expense of the US and ALL of the principles that we’ve fought so hard for during the entire 20th century is too dangerous to remain. Karlen Mkrtchyan trump should be impeached based on the evidence that he’s broken our laws, violated the constitution, his oath of office and threatened our national security. The evidence is from the phone call document that he released, the testimony and documents of the people who witnessed trump doing his crimes. Trump has even confirmed what was done using his usual steps of a. I didn’t do it. B. I didn’t do it the way the document says I did C. What I did wasn’t illegal. D. fake news, a witch hunt. Karina Guenther, I can’t believe how ignorant you are! Obama allowed half a million Syrians to be killed – but that’s ok? Meanwhile, Trump has crushed China’s economic levels not seen in 50 years! He has gone against Putin with the bombing in Syria at the start of his Presidency in order to stop the gassing of innocent civilians! He has been strong toward North Korea, Iran and the other European allies who were not paying for the protection that we afford them. He’s not handing over taxpayer’s money to other Harry potter signatures shirt, such as India, Pakistan and many others, he’s offering them trade deals and asking them to support themselves – the smartest person in the building for many years! You people better wake up to reality for your own sake.


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