Harry Potter signatures shirt

Harry Potter signatures shirt



Sorrior Lemniscate Huh! I actually thought this just two days ago! Then I remembered a movie and a series giving options and decided to stick to my previous belief: Zero death penalty. As someone who has known murderers and the murdered, the death penalty has never made sense. Life without parole is easier on everyone, and if an error has been made is reversible. Let them disappear into a descent system where, if they need to be released, they are safe and sane. Lifers often give stability to a prison system. Let them be educated and a source for education to the guys getting out for lesser crimes. If we are a civilized country, let’s have a civilized justice and prison system. Bobby Cecere you may want them dead, but first of all that will not happen for years, probably decades, and all that time there will be appeal after appeal, hearing after hearing rubbing salt into your pain. Give them a fair trial with competent lawyers and put them away out of sight and let the survivors start to get on with life. Virginia Towne, you’re not too bright if you think murderers and rapists can come out safe and/or sane. You’re part of the problem in this world. Worried about how hard a murderer has it instead of how we need to destroy that person to keep the rest of the world safe. Only humans seem stupid enough to keep the destructive members of the herd around. Other animals know better, kill them off. Erin Lee Chachacha They aren’t real Christians. Jesus was opposed to the death penalty. Jesus was opposed to corporal punishment. Jesus was opposed to militarism and imperialism and police abuse. They are authoritarian bootlickers 100%. You’re cool with the Harry Potter signatures shirt murdering innocent people? Because that’s what happens more than you think. you can free someone who has been wrongly imprisoned, but you cannot resurrect someone the state has wrongfully murdered. it’s also more expensive for us to continue the death penalty than to keep people locked up for life.


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