Harry Potter christmas shirt

Harry Potter christmas shirt



Debora Ryan Ryther this isn’t what is really happening, they are not pulling their funding, the contract is up and they are choosing to allocate their funds in a different direction. It’s the media who is Putin’s “gay agenda” spin on it. I don’t think it has anything to do with their Harry Potter christmas shirt at all. Debora Ryan Ryther, then you take your money and donate. Who has the nerve to demand someone donate to certain people? For all you know, they might just quit donating to anyone all together b/c the tax write off isn’t worth it to them anymore. That’s the true reason why these corporations do it anyway. Jordan Rousselle if you think they couldn’t have renewed their contract with SA you’re kidding yourself. They chose not to under pressure from the LGBT lobby. They caved. No matter how they try and spin it. What it sounds like to me is it Franklin Graham is a sell-out and that Chick-fil-A caved. And that really doesn’t make much sense because Chick-fil-A was not hurting. As a matter of fact, their business had only gotten better carpets it improved so this move makes no sense whatsoever. You people are quick to judge. Chick-fil-A hasn’t caved to anyone they are still closed on Sundays and are not flying the rainbow flag. So please tell me how they caved and to whom. Because they are still standing up for their beliefs and they are still helping people like the homeless, education. Josh Eick. They caved by refusing to donate to a Christian organization that does more good in communities than any other organization. I have been a recipient of the generosity of the Salvation Army and don’t recall any LGBTQ+ tests being administered. They caved to a group of activists who believe in SPECIAL rights, not equal rights. They are just plain bullies who want to feel special by intimidating and destroying anything that might not raise the rainbow flag for them. Shame on Chick-fil-A. But hey, that’s just me.


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