Harry Potter But first books shirt



Kim Sloan lmao first and foremost I am neither a democratic or republican puppet. I see through the cover page. Second, in no way did I implicate blame on the said victim. Some jokes are made of irony. Like your puppet president for example and every other previous puppet president. (All of them) If anyone is a shill it would be you and all the other political puppets. Now back to our regularly scheduled program right after these Harry Potter But first books shirt from the shill and her puppet friends. He will be released and given money for his PTSD that he received by the grueling questions he had to endure! (I’m no way making fun of PTSD) just the idiots that run new York and make their policies. Norma V Nordby and he needs to WORK to pay for her pain and suffering not just steal it from some other unlucky person who encounters this piece of garbage. He should also get some time with Bubba. For those trying to track these things. This weekend Trump threatened a whistleblower, accused one or more of his top national security aides of being spies, demanded a House Chair be interrogated on suspicion of treason and threatened to foment a civil war if he is removed from office. Sure sounds innocent to me. Tichaona Chamunorwa no one is more corrupt than Schiff. He has been lying about Trump from day one. dozen press conferences where he says incontrovertible evidence of collusion. Yet none was found. In this latest case, his office helped this CIA officer write the complaint. Oh and the personal gain? His son works in a firm involved in several lawsuits against Trump. Feeding them insider info.


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