Harry Potter 10th day of school shirt

Harry Potter 10th day of school shirt



I’m really far more worried about people putting up the cameras themselves. Look at how networks like Ring are expanding surveillance of our homes and neighborhoods, and it’s the people who live there who are bearing the financial cost of taking away their neighbor’s privacy. If we can’t even stop ourselves from conducting surveillance on one another, how are we going to stop the Harry Potter 10th day of school shirt from surveilling us? People need to quickly develop a working understanding of how image recognition works, why its different than human watching events unfolding in a public space, and what kinds of restrictions we can and should place on how that data is collected, processed, stored, and shared. I believe it crosses the line into spying. Having cameras record so you can go back and check or verify a situation is one thing. Having real-time monitoring (and with questionable software) takes it to a whole other level. Jason Shiffman, I think what takes it to a whole other level is when the data goes into the cloud. If people want cameras that store data locally (and run firmware they can verify doesn’t secretly send data to remote servers) I think we are okay. As soon as it makes it into a data center where AI’s can get their bits into it, its another beast entirely. I’m sorry Steven, but millennials (my generation) are far more concerned about privacy because we grew up with the internet and we understand how it works. It’s boomers buying all the ring cameras to protect the houses that my generation can’t afford to buy. Steven Bulcroft As a boomer, I have to tell you that the privacy ship sailed a long time ago. Our generation i.e. People like Steve Jobs gave us these new tools of technology, and instead of using them for our personal benefit we used them to become what Huckley and. Orwell wrote about it.


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