Harley Quinn Once upon a time I was sweet shirt

Harley Quinn Once upon a time I was sweet shirt



I used to cruise at 110 when I was 18 and the fastest I’ve gone was 150. I saw cop lights like 3 miles back but I didn’t care at that age. And I carried a tarp in the trunk. Only had to use it once just pulled in to a random neighborhood throw it on the car and pretend as I belong there. He will either kill someone or himself before he turns 20. So sad that his immaturity will cause serious harm to someone then will have to live with that guilt for the rest of his life. If that was me, I would be under the county jail right now, a mug shot the picture on every news media available, Foxx news helicopter would post a high-speed chase video of me and I would be made out to be the worse guy in the Harley Quinn Once upon a time I was sweet shirt. Boy, I tell you about privilege. He did not love himself to go that fast. He could have hit another car maybe ruined his life and ended someone else. He is young thinks he has to.prove something in the world. Feel sorry that his parents did not teach him he was worth something special without speeding in a car. Teenage stages in life are very critical from age 14 to 21 we felt like we are supernatural people, the feeling that we can do the impossible is an illusion and dreams for all teenagers. We pray for more guidance for our youth in this day of video games. What? License suspended for 7 days only! His license should be suspended for at least one year or restricted for work, school, and home. Not only he put his life in danger but others as well. Dad must be proud of it. The donor pool has also been reduced due to the decrease in driving. My husband was a lung transplant recipient. One of the hardest things about waiting for the transplant was knowing that someone had to die in order for him to live. I have read and saw your profile. It’s quite impressive! This message is to actually express my desire to be one of your friends. Can we befriend? If yes, will you mind sending me a friend request because I don’t want to send you a friend request without your permission? I hope we can get along sometimes. It’s me (Kelly Hettinga) pls add me up let’s be just honest friends. God bless you.


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