Happy St Patrex day shirt

Happy St Patrex day shirt



Ashton Cox, I’m sorry you weren’t consulted. However, the fact remains that you can’t force women to bear children. Yes, children are a blessing if you actually want children. I hold intimacy in high regard. You shouldn’t assume that I don’t have respect for myself just because I won’t let a man tell me what I can do with my body. Thank you and I’ll pray for your success. Aside from any questions on right & wrong, women have always been put in situations where they needed to abort. Without legal choices, the Happy St Patrex day shirt has often been unwanted sterility. So when they would be in a position to have children, they couldn’t. Others lost there lives by botched attempts. Rich women go on vacation & no one knows. Time to again acknowledge, all should have the right to safe abortion. Then women can go forward just the fathers have. Best wishes to continue your efforts. Nicole Harper Obviously! But I’m intrigued by the ‘genital mutilating misandrist fascists’. I think he’s talking about the practice of circumcision, but I don’t know why he thinks that women are the driving force behind this, as it’s been a religious and cultural practice in various patriarchal societies since Ancient Egypt. It’s actually been women who have lately pushed back against the practice in connection with protesting female genital mutilation. Either way, there’s no significant evidence that the practice is harmful (or particularly beneficial either). LK Rodham Anderson, He does seem to be vehemently against male circumcision but is wrongly attributing this to some sort of feminist lead conspiracy to destroy manhood or some such thing. Perhaps he’s developed a phallic psychosexual fixation as a result of an unresolved Oedipus complex? That would certainly explain the irrational hostility toward women as oppressors, and his violent attachment to foreskins as a whole (pun intended).


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