Happy quarantined birthday shirt

Happy quarantined birthday shirt



Wayne Tyler Nims not all the people in prison are actually guilty, haven’t you ever read about the number of people freed because of wrongful convictions? Then there are people who committed low-level drug offenses who are sentenced to ridiculously long sentences because of the failed war on drugs. Finally, even if a person committed a crime that does not mean that they deserve to suffer and die because they cannot access proper medical care or social distancing, which appears imperative to avoiding the Happy quarantined birthday shirt. They are still human beings. God forbid you ever make a mistake! Because we must preserve our democracy even as we engage in social distancing, we’ve been advocating — and suing — to expand access to no-excuse absentee voting. Social distancing is a violation of the Right to assembly, and you don’t give a rat’s behind. I’ll never give the ACLU a dime again. I’ve been social distancing? Did I violate my own rights? No one is forcing you not to. Go ahead, spread the virus if that is what you want. However, endangering others can result in legal sanctions. So, why don’t you take it to court? I didn’t realize I was responding to a nut case. You believe the conspiracy that the chines started the virus so they can make money on the vaccine. Your elevator does not go to the top floor pops. Ellen has a mean streak & she is getting careless about hiding it on the air. I noticed it a couple of years ago & quit watching every day. Sad to see. She has so much to be thankful for. I didn’t hear what Ellen said, and I’m about to read this article, but after dealing with COVID and the restrictions it has imposed. I cannot fathom how bad it must be in solitary confinement. I honestly think solitary confinement should be removed from the prison system unless the person is suicidal or a serious threat to others and even then I’m sure the condition of solitary confinement could be improved. Not only is it the right thing to do but many of the people in prison will leave and reenter society and I think this practice hurts way more than it restricts or “punishes”


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