Happy mother day to the best dog mom shirt

Happy mother day to the best dog mom shirt



I allowed that and have no regrets. We as landlords, have to live but so do our people that live in our houses, All of our houses are paid for, thus making it easier to not have to worry about not being able to make payments ourselves. Show a little kindness and caring when dealing with people, especially in this day and time is my motto. Landlords will lose either way. Who is going to be able to rent the property that another was evicted from… we are all in this together. Mortgage holders and renters are all in the same boat. How does the bank win with all the foreclosures? I think Italy told all their banks to shut down mortgages for the duration, which led to a true “trickle-down economics” initiative of good faith and expected the Happy mother day to the best dog mom shirt/property owners. To stop charging rents. Banks still get their loot in the end, sans penalties. It’d be cool if y’all used your passion and support and intellect to put pressure on that kind of solution here. Joseph E Yorio man I hope so, it’s not hard to do it, and the banks will still see their profits- just 6 months longer. The caveat being they can’t charge penalties. Just a straight 6 months waiver. The only people who’d even marginally be impacted would be the people who live off of their quarterly bank profit dividends. (If those people actually exist). What about all the landlord’s expenses? And what they can trash a property with no repercussions? Landlords have to pay insurance, taxes, etc on the property. Repairs, renters violating city codes…guess we’re the fine goes to the owner of the property! Yes, we had a Zoom meeting without you and everybody agrees with it and literally renters can do anything they want now just because, it’s The Purge The Musical Live World Tour, wtf are you even talking about.


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