Halloween It’s the most wonderful time of the year shirt



So they can be appealed. They’ve said as much. They want the fightback at the SCOTUS level. Please stop explaining this to me if you aren’t up to date on things they’ve been actually saying right out there in public for reporters to record. When a case is appealed there has to be a legal justification. Appeals do not mean a law is going to pass. It MUST be appealed by a state because the state writes the UN-Constitutional law that is appealed. The ACLU supplies the attorneys, but there has to be a state law to be appealed. Maybe try thinking instead of getting all defensive in a conversation. Right, federal judges have blocked the UN-Constitutional laws. Opponents of women’s reproductive rights have to come up with some other way to try to violate the Constitutional protections of pregnant women. Meanwhile, abortion is legal in all 50 states. I hear y’all on that. I myself am a father and I’m married. I respect all women’s rights. I also support adoption choice as well cuz every child deserves a home if women don’t want to keep the child. My wife was adopted in South Korea and was raised by American parents. What a colossal waste of taxpayer money, all these lawsuits must be paid for. All for a political agenda. If you don’t want an abortion, absolutely NO ONE is forcing it on anyone. Adrian Cunningham, It’s fine to support adoption, but ultimately a woman must carry the baby for 9 months to do so. Some are NOT in a situation that will work for them, and some can not do so without emotional trauma. It is and must remain something an individual can choose for themselves, not something dictated by the Halloween It’s the most wonderful time of the year shirt.


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