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Terry Tosan No, president Trumpty, by his very own actions, is causing his own demise. If he stopped breaking the law, obstructing justice, and stop colluding with Russian and befriending dictators— and stopped lying, he might not get as much grief. But, he is a narcissistic sociopath who is the perpetrator, not the victim. You don’t even live here in the United States oh, you live in Nigeria. So what goes on here in our Halloween friends shirt has nothing to do with you, and we don’t need any of your so-called comments or opinions. Mind your own business! You guys keep crying “you don’t even live here”. Do I have to live in America to know what’s happening there? America is the most powerful and popular nation on earth. Whatever happens there oftentimes affects the entire world so it’s only normal for any educated folks anywhere to want to follow what’s happening over there. So sorry snowflakes, you’re going to be seeing my comments every now and then. Save your tears till 2020. Like I said earlier, you’ll need all the tears then. He’s not the most powerful man in the world. He’s a representative of the most powerful people who stay out of the media. Being president is only a temporary job. He thinks he is the most powerful individual on earth without equally thinking that in democratic state sovereignty lies in the hands of people, and that those people have their representatives in the congress, and that the congress is mightier. What makes you guys think that Trump is the most powerful person on earth. He is not and notes America may not have the same capabilities as in the past. I am really confused. If ONE person in Congress (the speaker) declares that an ‘Impeachment Investigation” has been opened, does that reflect the will of the Congress as stated in the Constitution? Can anybody clarify this, please?


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