Hail santa shirt

Hail santa shirt



What about girls like mine who were born with male genitalia but never went through male puberty? She’s the average height for a girl her age and never will develop male musculature. In what sport does a penis give her some unfair advantage? Evelyn Blum short-sighted. Not saying it needs to be kept as is, but getting rid of genders will knock thousands of female athletes out of the chance to compete when certain sports/ teams/ schools have a limited number of spots available. (Ie. scholarships, national team sports, high school teams, funding for individual sports). No offense but sounds like an easy statement to someone that never really played sports. Evelyn Blum Sweet! I can’t wait to see some ladies on the defensive line in the NFL or on the ice in the NHL. Then they can make all kinds of rules to eliminate contact so they don’t have to bring body bags to the game and sports will be ruined. Blake Campbell Records (and breaking them) will always be made by those athletes that are in the athletic 1%, which will nearly always be males for strength and endurance sports, which make up the Hail santa shirt of sports. In those sports, in EVERY instance a male would eventually crush the female record. this why we have female sports in the first place- males have genetic advantages, and mixed competitions prove this out. Marathons, weight lifting, wrestling, golf… There are sports that females have a genetic advantage in due to flexibility and nimbleness, for example, and we should be alright with that as well. Rob Stifter As a school-aged kid I played sports against people of various gender expressions. I wrestled, played water polo, and softball and won and lost across all these sports. If you are so concerned about women’s sports there are plenty of title 9 violations to go after. That is how you could actually provide better opportunities for these girls that you say you care so much about. If you want to know why fewer cis female athletes are getting scholarships, look at the outrageous inequality with sport funding of cis male sports. Trans women are not negatively impacting anything except your imagination.


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