Grumpy cat, Lil Bub friend forever shirt

Grumpy cat, Lil Bub friend forever shirt



It doesn’t seem like it because you haven’t researched it. I’m not a professor so I’m not going to go around teaching people if you’re actually interested in furthering your education you have the means to do so. Patrick Loftus, you’re shifting the burden of proof for your claim. It’s irrational and a logical fallacy to hold a position until its proven wrong. The rational and logical way to determine a position is to reject a position until there is sufficient evidence to support it. Do you have evidence that 12 months of suppression is insufficient and that transitioned athletes that were formerly males actually have an advantage? Matthew Walters no, that’s the problem. It’s YOU that is shifting the burden of proof. The reason we have men and women separated from sports is entire because of physiological differences. You claim he should reject the Grumpy cat, Lil Bub friend forever shirt that has been held by doctors for the last 40 years but refuses to present evidence. He has opened his mind to new information, and you’re still sitting here telling him to google it himself and do his own research. Or in your case, you’re telling him to switch positions without evidence and then hold that unless he can find evidence supporting his old position. Just give him the information to change his mind. Joshua White, I don’t see how anything you said addresses the point I raised. With your logic, even the NCAA rule of 1 year of suppression is bigoted. Right? So clearly we all admit there IS a difference. The logical thing to do from there is to identify if those differences are unfair to cis women athletes. As I said, I’m very sympathetic to trans issues, but this isn’t a bathroom. If there are advantages then this actively harms other women. Joseph Schuerch Yes I have. I don’t believe for a second that anyone who disagrees here has done it themselves. Not just vague talking points actually papers on physiological differences.


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