Grinch squad shirt



People suck, this is why I do not go to circuses or even zoos, especially in a circus where an animal is held captive to be mistreated and abused to perform and act accordingly to the trainers satisfaction, I feel sadness for the animals and not the people, it should not be called when animals attack but should be stated when stupid people get in the way. Your money isn’t supporting some overpaid carnie or corporation at a zoo. You’re contributing to wildlife conservation. Animals in zoos are either rehabilitated rescues unfit for life in the wild and bred to increase population and sent out to other locations for the same purpose. Zoo staff is made up of a lot of volunteers and minimum wage workers – they aren’t doing it for money. So terribly sad for this bear. I hope he dies soon to get out of this misery. Trainers deserve hell and shame on the people who pay to see this cruelty and condone it. These beautiful animals were never meant to be held and used to entertain like this. Sorry if people were hurt, however; it should be no surprise that the bear snapped like this. Sadly doubt people will ever learn from this! This article totally contradicts itself. First, it says that he bit the trainer and then later in the article says the bear was wearing a muzzle on its mouth the whole time. Which is it? A bear can’t bite anyone with a muzzle on its mouth. Why is an investigation needed for a wild animal acting on instincts of self-preservation as a wild animal does? That’s why they don’t belong in circuses. A wild animal did what a wild animal does! What is a criminal investigation for, are they going to charge the animal for crimes against humanity? The handler was fortunate that he wasn’t mauled to death in an instant! I think people need to be under investigation. ANYONE in their right mind knows that this animal doesn’t want to do these things, he either gets beaten or starved until he does. It’s not okay. Don’t visit circuses, don’t pay for the abuse to continue, don’t be the dumbasses here! Isn’t it time that we stand up for the Grinch squad shirt and their rights? We wouldn’t let a child do these things… why pay to see an innocent animal? If it were a human it would inhuman… why is everyone so stupid anymore?


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