Grinch I’m sorry the nice teacher is on vacation shirt

Grinch I’m sorry the nice teacher is on vacation shirt



Elliott Martinson Regardless they should stop taking to the streets claiming to be victims of state and corporate suppression. Woke capitalism loves these people for the Grinch I’m sorry the nice teacher is on vacation shirt and because it knows that a diverse workforce is more compliant and easy to pit against one another whereas a homogenous workforce tends to coalesce easily around class solidarity. The only leftists they really go after are those that oppose foreign wars and threaten capitalism. They don’t care at all about the intersectional left, feminists, immigration advocates, or LGBT. All of that stuff doesn’t threaten power at all. You are the effed up members of the ACLU. Fighting for the rights of murderers & rapists. Those people, those collections of molecules, need to be removed. Dissolved. Destroyed. Wipe them off the face of the earth. And if you think for one second that forced labor while in prison or jail is slavery, you’re a moron. You broke the law. You lost your rights. Depending on what you were convicted of, most all of your rights. Tough sh1t. Next time, don’t do it. Pathetic idiots wanting to make prison an easier place to be. It’s not supposed to be easy!! It’s prison!! You should do everything in life to not be there, or is that too hard a concept for you all? I’ll say this, if you want a person to suffer for their crimes, life in prison is the way to go. What would be worse than a lifetime of having crap food, abysmal living conditions, and zero control over any aspects of one’s life? Frankly, I think death is far more humane, and really only gives an eye for an eye. I think the fact that we seem to believe criminal justice is about inflicting the most suffering possible is why we are stuck in this idiotic argument in the first place. Countries that spend their money on programs that reduce criminal activity and make rehabilitation more possible don’t have to sit around asking whether crowding prisons with people serving life sentences or effective life sentences vs. execution is more the domain of people who have a punitive view not only of criminal justice but of society in general.


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