Grinch Fuck you lupus Cancer shirt

Grinch Fuck you lupus Cancer shirt



Well, we can’t identify genetics without genetic testing. And even for a percentage of us we cannot with an ultrasound. However, if we carry traits such as a uterus or an absence of a uterus, if we have a vagina or a penis, these would be identifying factors. But none of that will be revealed by an id either would it? Should sex/gender be an “uneasiness” topic unless a subject chooses to make it such? Or does subject wish to insist via identification perhaps gender/sex that is not biologically the case in order to enjoy gender-specific accommodations and display gender-specific trappings? These are the questions. No judgment or condemnation is being assessed. I know and know of a few folks that superficially don’t neatly fall into “male” or “female” outward expression. For them, having M or F on their driver’s licenses is, for all practical purposes, meaningless. And I will speculate that they’d just as rather have the option of it being something else. Likely it would actually make for a *less* confusing conversation with law enforcement if they get pulled over or something. Unless I’m consulting with a urogenital or reproductive care specialist, it’s unlikely that my genitals are relevant. My fingerprints are a more accurate identification point than the Grinch Fuck you lupus Cancer shirt of my reproductive system. Where does it stop? Does everyone get to pick their own pronouns? How do we know what to call each individual so they don’t get all offended? Should everyone also be allowed to make up their own gender? Where does this nonsense stop? There are 2 genders. Man and Woman. Period. It’s biological. Eric Simpson Yes, everyone gets to pick their pronouns. You ask them what their pronouns are so they don’t get “all offended.” Yes, everyone gets to make up their own gender and decide how they present it. Also, please look into intersex folks before you make the biological argument. The nonsense stops where kindness and an open heart begin.


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