Grinch and Snoopy friends shirt

Grinch and Snoopy friends shirt



Maria Poutous Grancio most homeless people will tell you. They won’t go to a homeless shelter cause they can’t take their booze in with them or their drugs. That’s their own fault. Maria Poutous Grancio just a few weeks ago Trump’s lawyers argued in court that he could not be prosecuted or arrested or even stopped if he were to shoot somebody in broad daylight so there’s that. Americans are spoiled. We have everything handed to us and when we don’t get our way we blame everyone but ourselves who got us in the situation in the first place. Latinos don’t blame anyone for hardships. They go to work. They take Americans jobs to remember? Kerrie Osornia those are done by donations and charity work. I’m talking about shelters or homes built with our tax dollars. Spend our tax money on our American men, women, and children first! Then worry about feeding and housing the world. Were all of you this upset over the Secure Fence Act of 2006? I know Senator’s Schumer, Clinton, and Obama was not! Thanks to all of them for getting the ball rolling! I could not have done it without them and of course Pelosi, too! Alec, There I don’t think anyone would be upset if Trump used money appropriated by Congress to build it instead of robbing already appropriated money for the military and education and Social security and Medicare. Sherry Hutton Parker, The Republicans use to be the party of fiscal responsibility. If there wasn’t enough money in the Grinch and Snoopy friends shirt for building the wall, well maybe it should have been in the next year’s budget. Republicans had control of the purse from 2016 to 2018. At any time the Republicans could have appropriated the money, why didn’t they? Besides Trump said Mexico was paying for it, the Democrats took him at his word!


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