Gratefull dead king of bands shirt

Gratefull dead king of bands shirt



What kind of father totes his little daughter trespassing into a foreign country, why isn’t CNN asking the obvious? Instead of using this little girl for political purposes in its bid to impeach the president that’s trying to keep this child safely in her own country? Ask CNN and the Dems why are they encouraging this cruel and heartless journey through drug cartel infested and violent Mexico to likely ending up undocumented living in the streets of Chicago or LA? Jason Wallace 95% of those crossing the border cross for money, the Demos have passed around the talking points, you’d be crazy to choose to live in the medieval, rat-infested dumps of LA or Chicago rather than these Gratefull dead king of bands shirt especially just looking for more money. Come here and start a family, knowing you are breaking the laws makes you and your family a victim? You broke the law and are shocked? You should have done what is best for your kids and the rest of your family and did things legally. And yes he is a criminal, literally the definition of what he did. Yes, these funds were appropriated by Congress, with special additional funds approved. This is a direct violation of congress. That money was from the people of the US to support pro-democratic governments- in the face of Soviet in the incursion. What bothers me is this, Democrats know the Senate won’t impeach the traitor…we know this. Yet when it’s over the traitor’s on the right will claim innocence when it’s all over. Here’s the good news, no matter how long it takes for true Americans to rid the oval office of the rodent there, justice will be served and he will go to prison. Tim Cashman actually, based upon what happened under Nixon, we don’t really know what will happen. It’s possible that like with Nixon, hearing the testimony of honorable people will change public opinion to support impeachment to such an extent Republicans will have no choice. Trump is already more unpopular than Nixon was. Support has already grown for impeachment.


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