Got a problem send Rip shirt

Got a problem send Rip shirt



And you actually believe them, Jean? There is video evidence of them slashing water bottles meant for migrants crossing through the desert, and laughed and made jokes about it. Did you realize people, including teenagers and young children, die trying to make the trip across the border? Do you realize that by putting up walls and fences in cities and policing the border like a prison/war zone that we are actually funneling migrants out into the dangerous desert? Forcing them to hire “coyotes,” women and girls taking birth control because they know they will be raped along the way (or raped by border patrol or ice if apprehended)? Oh yeah, and there is the routine harassment and unconstitutional searches and arrests they like to do at the border crossings to and everywhere else. Did I mention they do this last one to citizens? Maybe there are some good ones. But I’ve seen and experienced enough that I don’t trust law enforcement, and especially not border patrol. Jean Smith Knox, how long ago was this? Border Patrol used to ignore food & water people left out in the desert for people crossing from Mexico, til Trump took over. Suddenly, Border Patrol was out smashing water bottles, destroying food supplies to endanger anyone trying to cross. Jean Smith Knox Police officers don’t learn to kneel on the necks of black people when they are handcuffed and unable to breathe in their training but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue with police brutality in our country. I’m so sick of the ignorant in this country, so clueless and in your bubble, you believe this crap while the Got a problem send Rip shirt descends into a police state you are all smiles. This is what happened in Germany and you are one of those “good people,” who did nothing and even aided them. We need to make sure that every US citizen is able to exercise their constitutional birthright to vote this fall. We have a national health emergency that requires us to declare an election emergency to extend voting for 5 days allow mail-in ballots and count every vote cast.


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